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Parts between press
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  • Introduction
  • Parameters

             In the process of, the robot is used to transfer the work pieces between the presses , and the transmission can be divided into three kinds including  the transmission robot with six axises , translation robot with seven axises and rotational transmission robot with seven axises , and in term of installation, that can be divided into fixed robot, left- and- right movement robot and backward  and forward movement robot.


         translation robot with seven axises: it is used when the distance between the two presses is small and the transmission requires a high speed. The robot with a fast and stable pace and an effectively expansion , is suitable for high-speed automatic stamping line


           Rotating seven axis robot transmission: when the distance between the two press is larger and the horizontal rotation of the transfer of the workpiece, the robot can be used to rotate the seven axis of the workpiece transfer. The seven axis of the robot can rotate the workpiece to the required angle, and then press it into the next working procedure.


           rotational transmission robot with seven axises: it works when the gap between the two presses is larger and the transmission  needs a horizontal rotation . By rotating the seven axis of to a  required angle, the robot  transfers the workpieces required into the next working procedure for forging, which is flexible and of great efficiency.



          backward and forward movement robot: Namely, the robot can move forward and backward on the base, expanding the range of the stamping robot and improving the production.